Chasing M2 Pro Max

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Product Note: Industrial-grade ROV with a 4K UHD Camera.

CHASING M2 PRO MAX is an industrial-grade ROV, which is designed for government and enterprise users. The maximum depth is 200 meters. The M2 PRO MAX integrates 5 accessory ports, which simplifies the installation process.

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New Generation Mounting Method, to Unlock Infinite Possibilities

CHASING M2 PRO MAX integrates 5 accessories ports, which simplifies the installation process of multiple accessories, supports more than 20 kinds of accessories independently developed by CHASING and third-party accessories, and can mount up to 5 accessories at the same time.


  • BP imaging sonar
  • GEMINI imaging sonar
  • Distance lock sonar
  • Laser scaler
  • Multi-parameter water quality sensor
  • Auxiliary camera

Navigation / Pointing

  • USBL positioner
  • Water Linked DVL

Grabber arm / Sampling

  • Grabber claw A
  • Grabber arm 2
  • Circular claw
  • Sediment sampler
  • Water sampler

Battery Life

  • 300Wh spare battery
  • 700Wh spare battery
  • Shore base power supply system

Control Console

  • High-brightness screen control console
  • Remote controller with screen


A New Generation Accessory Quick Assembly and Disassembly Technology, to Save Time and Effort

CHASING M2 PRO MAX underwater ROV adopts slide-in accessory assembly and disassembly technology, and can quickly complete the installation and disassembly of accessories, which is convenient to use and saves both time and effort.


A New Generation Shorebase Power Supply System, to Support 24/7 Operation

CHASING Shorebase power supply system (C-SPSS) adopts  battery compartment design, which makes the installation easier. The output power is increased to 1,500W, ensuring that the ROV can continuously work at full power without an outage.


A New Generation Floodlight Design, to Effectively Solve Visual Interference

With the external 8,000 lumen LED floodlights, the dual light source has a 150° best beam angle, which can be folded flexibly to effectively solve the visual interference caused by the reflection of plankton, and 0-100% stepless adjustment of the light brightness can illuminate every detail.

Second-Generation Anti-Stuck Motor, with Strong Power and More Reliability

Second-generation anti-stuck motor (C-MOTOR 2.0) has increased 30% of the power with stronger anti-stuck performance, which is easy to clean and more reliable.


4K + EIS Camera, to Restore Natural Color

CHASING M2 PRO MAX camera supports up to 4K video/12 megapixels photos, and is equipped with 1/2.3 Sony CMOS and EIS function to clearly capture every detail underwater and truly restore the natural color underwater.


200m Diving Depth, Wider Operation Range

The maximum diving depth is 200m and the maximum movement radius is 400m. With different lengths of tethers, the ROV can meet needs of more application scenarios and be operated in a wider range.


Convenient Interaction, Real-Time Sharing of Multiple Devices

CHASING M2 PRO MAX has a built-in 128G removable SD memory card (up to 512G), supports three mobile devices to share returned underwater footage and data (temperature and depth) in real time, and supports a variety of real-time sharing functions such as HDMI real-time projection and live broadcast.

Chasing M2 Pro Max Specs:

  • 360° omni-directional movements
  • Integrated 5 accessories ports
  • 3 Knots Speed, 200 Meters Depth Rating
  • 4K UHD video, 12 mega-pixel camera
  • 8000 Lumens external floodlights
  • Anti-Stuck Motor
  • Removable SD Memory Card, Download Anytime and Anywhere

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