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SKU: Agras-T20P
Product Note: Superior Performance at Best Value

The AGRAS T20P is light and nimble while packing powerful performance. The aircraft has a spraying payload of 20 kg, and a spreading payload of 25 kg (35 L), and is equipped with a Dual Atomized Spraying System, DJI Terra, Active Phased Array Radar, and Binocular Vision. It supports multiple operations from surveying and mapping, to spraying and spreading – offering superior performance and versatility at best value.

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  • 25 kg Spreading Payload / 20 kg Spraying Payload
  • Active Phased Array Radar + Binocular Vision
  • Dual Atomized Spraying System
  • Supports Flight Spraying, Spreading, and RC Mapping
  • IPX6K Protection Grade
  • Generator Powered by Fuel + Electricity

Light and Nimble

  • 7m spray width
  • Field operation efficiency of 12 ha/hour
  • Orchard operation efficiency of 2.67 ha/hour
  • Spreading efficiency of 1 tonne/hour

Increased Flight safety with Omnidirectional Sensors

  • Obstacle avoidance with Active Phased Array Radar + Binocular Vision
  • 360 ° Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, intelligent terrain following
  • Radar detection range of 50 m
  • 3D terrain following ensures smooth flight over complex terrain

Large-screen Controller for Easy Mapping

  • Coverage of 6.67 hectares in 10 minutes
  • Intelligent flight path planning to avoid over or empty load
  • 7-inch bright large screen
  • Octa-core processor for smoother operation

Superior Dispense Rate of 12 L/min

  • Magnetic drive design, prevention from chemical corrosion
  • Dual atomized centrifugal sprinklers for even spraying
  • Proprietary centrifugal valve to prevent leakage
  • Real-time monitoring of pesticide levels to estimate when reload is needed

Versatile, Perfect for Surveying or Spraying

  • FPV ultra-HD 12MP camera
  • Adjustable gimbal angles for real-time data acquisition
  • Able to map reconstruction without full internet connection
  • Automatic detection of boundaries and obstacles

Cost Saving on Power and Fast Charging

  • 6kW variable-frequency multi-functional generator
  • Charging module detachable, can be connected to utility power
  • 13,000 mAh Intelligent Flight Battery for up to 1,500 charge cycles
  • 9-minute ultra-fast charging with two batteries

The parameters on this slide were measured using a mass-produced AGRAS T20P in a controlled environment. For specific parameters, please visit:

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