Hovermap ST Kit

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A versatile SLAM-based mapper, making data capture fast, simple, and safe. Hovermap ST is a smart mobile scanning unit equally capable above or below ground, indoors or out. Its tough, lightweight, IP65 weather sealed design enables the capture of data in harsh, GPS-denied or hazardous environments.

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• Hovermap ST
• Hardcase
• Battery
• Handheld/Battery Cable 1.5m (Fisher ST to D-Tap Battery)
• Drone/Battery Cable .35m (Fisher to Fisher)
• Cable Bag
• Handle
• Belt Clip
• Standard Charger with 3x International Adaptor
• Emesent Data Processing License Key USB
• Quick Guide

The Next Generation in Autonomous 3D Data Capture

Compact Design
The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry for walking scans and provides a longer flight time when used on a drone.

Weather Sealed
The tough, IP65, weather sealed design allows the mapping of harsh environments without concern for dust, rain, extreme temperatures, or humidity.

Explore Beyond Line of Sight
The Tap-to-fly autonomy feature enables mapping previously inaccessible areas beyond line of sight and communication range. The omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, Guided Exploration, and smart Return-to-home functions ensure Hovermap ST keeps a safe distance from assets and returns home safely with the valuable data it has collected.

Survey Grade Control
With Hovermap ST's precision engineering, world-class SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), and Emesent's Automated Ground Control feature, you can capture dense, shadowless survey grade point clouds.

Unrivaled SLAM Accuracy with Automated Ground Control
Together Hovermap ST and Automated Ground Control feature speeds up survey workflows and produces goereferenced, survey grade point clouds.

• Place Emesent Ground Control targets at surveyed locations in the environment prior to scanning.
• Conduct your non-stop scan. Unlike other SLAM control point solutions, there is no need to stop at each target or place Hovermap on the target.
• Emesent's Ground control targets are automatically detected by the processing software and used to remove SLAM drift and georeference the point cloud.
• Ground control automatically detects the survey targets and applies a non-rigid transformation of the point cloud, giving you the most accurate results.

In addition to improving accuracy for common mapping tasks, Hovermap ST with GCP can be used to create survey grade scans for long, linear assets, large or feature-poor environments that have previously been challenging for SLAM-based systems.

Why Choose Hovermap ST

Scan the Inaccessible
Hovermap ST's advanced autonomy enables flight and mapping in challenging situations, including beyond visual line of sight and communication range even in GPS-denied environments. Send a Hovermap ST enabled drone to explore and map previously inaccessible areas, providing new, valuable insights while you remain in a safe location.

Survey Grade Georeferenced Point Clouds
Hovermap ST's precision engineering world-class SLAM, and Automated Ground Control feature provides dense, shadowless, survey-grade point clouds of an entire asset. Ground Control also automatically georeferences point clouds to survey control.

Built for Harsh Conditions
The tough, weather sealed, IP65 rated unit is dust and splash resistant, allowing you to map in severe environments, rain or shine. It can operate in temperatures from -10° to 45°C (14° to 113°F) as well as hight humidity, making it ideal for use in underground mines and other harsh environments.

Unrivaled Versatility
The plug and play design and quick-release mechanism allow easy switching between modes. Use Hovermap attached to a drone, vehicle, or pole; lowered in a cage, or mounted to a backpack to easily collect data anywhere. The compact, lightweight design makes it easy to carry and provides longer flight time.

Options for Every Scanning Need | Autonomy Levels

Autonomy Level 0 | Mapping Mode
Mapping Mode offers fast accurate, and high resolution mobile scanning of environments where drone autonomy is unnecessary. Hovermap ST's quick-release mechanism allows you to easily switch from a drone to a backpack, vehicle, or protective shaft scanning cage, for SLAM-based mobile mapping.

Autonomy Level 1 | Pilot Assist Mode
Pilot Assist Mode provides omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, line of sight GPS-denied flight capability, and stability control, providing the confidence and stability for close, thorough inspections. It acts as a safety bubble for your drone, keeping the asset and your equipment safe.

Autonomy Level 2 | Autonomous Waypoints
Autonomous Waypoint Mode provides beyond line of sight flight through Smart Waypoints and Guided Exploration. Simply tap on the map to get smart waypoints, and Hovermap ST takes care of the rest, navigating to the waypoints, mapping the area, and keeping itself and the drone safe from obstacles.

Add a new level of reality capture to your 3D point clouds with Hovermap's colorization feature. The 3D point clouds from Hovermap can be augmented with true color, providing an additional context for visualization and analysis. Colorization provides greater insights across a variety of applications revealing previously hidden details in your critical infrastructure.

Tap-to-fly Autonomy
With Autonomous Waypoint Mode (AL2), pilots can fly an entire mission, from take off to landing, using a tablet. Hovermap ST's Tap-to-fly feature enables exploration in previously inaccessible areas beyond line of sight and communication range, accessing unprecedented insights. The omnidirectional Collision Avoidance, Guided Exploration, and smart Return-to-home functions ensure assets are kept safe and valuable equipment doesn't get damaged or lost.

Hovermap ST stream a live point cloud to the Hovermap app, providing a real-time preview of the data as it is captured when in communication range - allowing you to leave the site confident you've captured everything you need.

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