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Radiodetection Flexitrace TX-Energized Pushrod 262'

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Only Available In WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, CO, HI, and AK.

Product Note: The FlexiTrace reel holds 260’ (80m) of small diameter rod. The rod itself can be energized by a Radiodetection transmitter* and inserted into pipes as small as 12mm. It is used with a Radiodetection locator to find and trace small-diameter plastic pipes etc. Unlike using a sonde with a Flexrod, the entire length of the FlexiTrace can be detected from above ground.

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The Radiodetection FlexiTrace is a flexible rod containing conducting wires running the full length of the rod, with a transmitting sonde at the end. FlexiTrace is inserted into pipes and ducts where size restricts the use of larger diameter sondes and used to trace the line of a pipe, duct or to locate blockages and collapses to a depth of 3m.

To use the FlexiTrace, the rod or sonde can be energized by using a Radiodetection transmitter and located using a suitable Radiodetection locator.

By connecting the output of the transmitter across both stud terminals of the FlexiTrace, only the sonde will be energized and can be used for pinpointing blockages etc.

By connecting the transmitter output to one of the stud terminals and a ground through an earth stake, the entire length of rod can be energized, enabling the tracing of the length of FlexiTrace rod inside the pipe or duct.

*When using a Tx-5 or Tx-10 transmitter, some power restrictions apply.

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