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Wingsland Z15 Gimbal Spotlight

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Product Note: The Wingsland Z15 is a bright, 3-axis stabilized gimbal spotlight with high-power beads. Powered by DJI SkyPort, it has an operating range of up to 150m and can be easily integrated onto DJI Matrice 200 Series V1 and V2 drones, lighting the space at night or in low light conditions for users in firefighting, emergency response, law enforcement, and beyond.

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Switch between Always On, Flashing, and SOS modes for different environments and applications.

Air Cooling System
The built-in air-cooling system prevents the spotlight from overheating by constantly dissipating heat.

Intelligent Protection
The Wingsland Z15 is protected against overheating. The system will automatically adjust when the internal temperature exceeds 90°C.

Supports Dual Downward Gimbals
The Wingsland Z15 can be used with DJI Zenmuse payloads on DJI aircraft that include a dual-downward gimbal, helping to illuminate operations.

• Public Safety: offers public safety officials crucial visibility in low light conditions across many different types of missions, helping teams gain an aerial overview over a large area.
• Firefighting: light up a path to guide the public to a safe place after a fire or a natural disaster.
• Emergency Response/Search and Rescue: locate missing persons in hard-to-reach areas when visibility is low.
• Law Enforcement: act as a flexible light source for crowd management, forensic investigations, or routine patrols.

Infrastructure/Facility Repair and Maintenance
When power suddenly cuts off or when structures collapse at night, the Wingsland Z15 can be used to light up a large area from the air so that emergency repairs can be conducted in an efficient, timely manner. This will help keep both the public and the personnel safe as well as save costs.

• Product Name: Wingsland Z15 Gimbal Spotlight
• Port Type: DJI SkyPort
• Dimensions: 100 x 110 x 150mm
• Weight: 500g
• Rated Power: 48W
• LED Light Beads
• Voltage: 6V
• Power: 40W
• Luminous Flux: 10200lm
• FOV: 15°
• Operating Range: 150m
• Area Coverage 1863m² @ 120m; 323m² @ 50m
• Illuminance: 4 lux @ 120m; 11 lux @ 60m; 47 lux @ 30m
• Gimbal
• Angular Vibration Range: ± 0.02°
• Mount: Detachable
• Controllable Range Pitch: -90 to +90°, Yaw: ± 170°
• Max Control Speed Pitch: 60°/s, Yaw: 60°/s
• Temperature Parameters:
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C

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